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About Us

Solos Glass – New Ways of Thinking

See the possibilities

We believe there’s a lot left to discover in glass. Sitting out there are brilliant ideas, clever designs and breathtaking wonders waiting to be made against the chorus of ‘It can’t be done.’ Here at SOLOS Glass, we prefer to explore the frontiers of what’s possible in glass. We’re excited to take this journey with our partners as we see the possibilities together.

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The story of us

SOLOS Glass was born when experience met expertise. With FGI’s long, trusted history in architectural glass processing combined with MHG Glass’ excellence in the globally competitive automotive sector, we are a dynamic new leader in the market prepared to use every last drop of our knowledge and skill to deliver stunning glass solutions.

It’s our common ground of passion, innovation and dedication to quality that drives SOLOS Glass forward.

How we do it

The SOLOS Glass way starts with people-to-people connections and a shared belief in better.

Our people are thinkers, doers and makers, but we are listeners above all. We believe our greatest skill is in getting to the heart of your needs with simple solutions that build truly great partnerships.

Our experience in glass lends us the ability to deliver innovative products for modern architectural challenges. By functionality, by design and by everything in between, if it can be done, we can do it.

Meet the Team

ACT & Regional

Grant Macpherson: Regional Sales Manager Email Grant

New South Wales

Matt Morris: State Sales Manager Email Matt

Clint Rogers: Account Manager Email Clint


Tanya Noble: Account Manager Email Tanya

Ashton Berenger: Account Manager Email Ashton

Technical Support

Mark Collins: Product Development Manager Email Mark