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Decorative Painted Glass Panels

The vibrant life.

ColorSmart™ is a range of vibrant painted glass panels that can be used for a broad range of internal applications or encapsulated external applications such as spandrel panels.

Utilising the complete range of Dulux® colours as its base palette, ColorSmart™ utilises a superior colour coating system which involves a combination of special hardening and glass keying agents to create one of the most contemporary, practical and stylish range of coloured glass products available.


  • Wide range of standard colours
  • Short lead times for both standard and custom colours
  • Laminated, toughened, heat strengthened or use as one panel of an IGU
  • Highly durable, non-porous and easily maintained
  • Suitable for internal and encapsulated external applications
  • Grade A safety glass to AS/NZS2208 when supplied as laminated or toughened
  • Can easily complement or contrast with the vision area of a building when used as a spandrel panel


  • Automotive and marine
  • Internal and external wall cladding
  • Kitchens and bathrooms
  • Roof lights and canopies
  • Spandrel panels and building facades
  • Splashbacks