Switchable Laminated Safety Glass

At the flick of a switch.

Concéale™ switchable glass provides instant, on demand control of privacy for a broad range of residential and commercial applications.

Naturally opaque with the power turned off, with the power turned on Concéale™ immediately changes from opaque to clear with full visibility creating a dynamic spatial transformation previously unavailable with traditional glass and glazing solutions.


  • Concéale™ incorporates one of the first switchable films developed, bringing not only years of research and development expertise but also years of successful glazed applications
  • Transformation from privacy to absolute clarity at the flick of a switch
  • Concéale™ is a laminated safety glass and offers Grade A levels of safety and impact resistance
  • Allows immediate changes in the level of transparency of a window, screen or partition with minimal adjustment to the level of light transmission


  • Commercial windows
  • Conference rooms and private restaurant sections
  • Control centres and recording studios
  • Hospitals, nurseries, emergency rooms,
  • ICU’s, surgeries, meeting rooms
  • LCD, plasma or projector screens
  • Office boardrooms, partitions and doors
  • Presentation rooms for projector screens
  • Residential room dividers and windows
  • Security windows
  • Showrooms, retail and banking
  • Skylights