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EnviroTone™ Plus

Solar Control Toned Glass

Wide ranging performance.

Different colours absorb solar energy to different levels; the darker the glass, the more heat that is absorbed. As such, it’s often the case that toned glass products have to be heat treated (either toughening or heat strengthening) to avoid breakage through thermal stress.

EnviroTone™ Plus provides richer colours and an improved SHGC in combination with low internal and external reflectance when compared to standard EnviroTone™. This not only improves the solar control performance of the glass but also assists in maintaining natural views when looking from the interior of the building.

The standard range of EnviroTone™ Plus higher performing tones are:

  • EnviroTone™ Plus Green
  • EnviroTone™ Plus Grey
  • EnviroTone™ Plus Blue
  • EnviroTone™ Plus Dark Grey

Both EnviroTone™ Plus Green and EnviroTone™ Plus Blue offer excellent VLT for the level of SHGC performance provided. EnviroTone™ Plus Grey, with its deep cool grey colour is ideal where additional privacy is required and reducing glare is a priority.