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Solar Control Toned Glass

Effective solar control performance.

EnviroTone™ float glass provides a level of solar control which helps to manage both the aesthetic appearance of the building and the improvement of the buildings energy management performance.

Achieved through the reduction of solar heat gain without the need for significant additional reflectivity, EnviroTone™ also reduces both UV penetration and glare to the inside of the building.

Manufactured by adding different chemicals and metal oxides to the batch during the float glass manufacturing process, the EnviroTone™ range of toned glass reduces the solar heat gain by absorbing solar energy within the body of the glass.


  • Reduces the level of direct solar heat gain
  • Helps improve overall comfort and energy efficiency
  • Range of colours available
  • Effective solar control component of a KlymetControl™ IGU to assist in the reduction of both heating and cooling costs
  • Helps improve the overall star rating of a residential window
  • Reduces unwanted solar glare


  • Door sidelights
  • External windows and doors
  • New build and retrofit projects
  • Rooflights