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Low Emissivity Glass

Manage your internal environment.

With its specialist Low E coating, KlymetShield™ assists in the reduction of solar heat gain in warmer months and the reduction of heat loss in cooler months.

Available as both a single glazed product and as part of an IGU, KlymetShield™ helps to improve the overall solar control and thermal insulation performance of both commercial and residential window suites and reduces the reliance on artificial temperature control to either provide cool air in summer or warm air in winter.


  • Available in single or double glazed
  • As single glazed, suitable for most single glazed window frames for both new build and replacement/retrofit in either annealed, toughened or laminated form
  • Can be incorporated into a KlymetControl™ IGU for even further enhanced energy efficiency and is suitable for most contemporary aluminium, timber or UPVC double glazed window suites
  • Highly durable pyrolitic Low E coating suitable for single glazing
  • Range of light and solar heat gain transmissions in combination with the
  • Low E coating ensures that KlymetShield™ is suitable for all climatic conditions
  • Can be toughened and laminated to meet the requirements of AS/NZS1288 to ensure suitability for all relevant applications
  • Cost effective and readily available energy efficient solution


  • Renovations and retrofit glazing
  • Windows, doors, atria, rooflights, skylights