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Ceramic Painted Glass Panels

Beautifully tough.

ThermoColour™ is a highly durable, toughened, weather resistant decorative glass manufactured by applying a UV resistant ceramic coating to one surface of the glass.

The ceramic coating is then permanently fused to the glass surface during the toughening process. ThermoColour™ is ideal for external facades, wall cladding and spandrels not just for its opaque appearance and excellent hiding properties, but low maintenance and superior resistance to heat when compared to annealed or laminated glass.


  • Permanent, durable and non-porous coating which becomes permanently fused to the glass surface after toughening
  • Suitable for both external and internal applications
  • Solid colours with 100% finish and excellent opacity
  • Very durable and scratch resistant coating which will not crack from temperatures of up to 250ºC
  • Grade A toughened glass meeting the requirements of AS/NZS 2208
  • Available heat soaked
  • Can be manufactured to any shape outlined in our shape catalogue
  • Easily maintained


  • External facades and wall cladding
  • Internal wall cladding
  • Spandrel panels