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Decorative Silvered Glass

Add the illusion of space.

Valleta™ mirrored glass opens up living areas through the use of light and reflection to create the illusion of additional space.

It’s perfectly flat mirror provides minimum distortion and excellent levels of reflectivity. Using a twin layer water resistant paint backing, Valleta™ offers superior resistance to acid and moisture penetration. This highly durable backing also offers high levels of resistance to marking, chipping and scratching and, due to the lack of porosity of the paint surface, offers outstanding adhesion to wall surfaces.


  • Perfectly flat mirror with excellent levels of reflectivity
  • Designed to add the perfect illusion of space
  • Corrosion resistance and protection of the silver reflective coating
  • Environmentally friendly, copper free
  • Available in clear, grey or bronze tones
  • Range of different colours, thicknesses and types to support extensive use of interior design applications


  • Bars, night clubs, restaurants and cafes
  • Bathroom mirrors
  • Gymnasiums, training facilities and dance studios
  • Traditional framed mirrors
  • Wardrobes