We’ve prepared all the useful product performance data, warranties and other information you need to make the most out of your glass purchase. Got a big project? Learn about our plant capabilities! You can also find after-care information to help with glass installation and cleaning.

Performance Data

WERS Performance Data

SOLOS Glass Performance Calculator

Glass Performance Calculator

Residential Performance Data 2020

Commercial Performance Data 2020

Glass Guide & Technical Information

SOLOS Glass Guide

SOLOS Glass Holes IGU Glass Weights

SOLOS Glass Shape Catalogue

SOLOS Glass Template Policy

SOLOS Glass TechKnow™

Product Brochures

Solos Glass – EnVision™ Brochure

EnVision™ Brochure

Solos Glass – EnVision™ Brochure

EnVision™ Vector Pattern Catalogue

Solos Glass – EnVision™ Brochure

EnVision™ Natural Elements Catalogue

Solos Glass – OptEma™ Brochure

OptEma™ Brochure

Solos Glass – Panoramic™ Brochure

Panoramic™ Brochure

Product Case Studies

Download SOLOS Chroma™ Marian College Case Study

Chroma™ Marian College

Download SOLOS Chroma™ Cato Street Redevelopment Case Study

Chroma™ Cato Street Redevelopment

Download SOLOS KlymetControl® Goodwin Farrer Village Clubhouse Case Study

KlymetControl® Goodwin Farrer Village Clubhouse

Download SOLOS KlymetControl® Midnight Braddon Case Study

KlymetControl® Midnight Braddon

Download SOLOS KlymetControl® Woolworths Heidelberg Case Study

KlymetControl® Woolworths Heidelberg

Download SOLOS KlymetShield™ Wildlife Retreat at Taronga Case Study

KlymetShield™ Wildlife Retreat at Taronga

Download SOLOS OptEma™ Mantra Hotel Case Study

OptEma™ Mantra Hotel

Download SOLOS OptEma™ Blue Haven Bonaira Case Study

OptEma™ Blue Haven Bonaira

Download SOLOS SecurView™ Nouvobanq Case Study

SecurView™ Nouvobanq

Product Cards

Solos Glass – Chroma™ Brochure


Solos Glass – ColorSmart™ Brochure


Solos Glass – CoolRay™ Brochure


Solos Glass – DécorSafe™ Brochure


Solos Glass – EnviroTone™ Brochure


Solos Glass – EnviroTone™ Plus Brochure

EnviroTone™ Plus

Solos Glass – EnVision™ Brochure


Solos Glass – KlymetControl® Brochure


Solos Glass – KlymetControl™ Plus Brochure

KlymetControl™ Plus

Solos Glass – KlymetShield™ Brochure


Solos Glass – KristalClear™ Brochure


Solos Glass – Matlucent™ Brochure


Solos Glass – Obscura™ Brochure


Solos Glass – OptEma™ Brochure


Solos Glass – OptEma™ Plus Brochure

OptEma™ Plus

Solos Glass – Panoramic™ Brochure


Solos Glass – ProtectaGuard™ Brochure


Solos Glass – Protekta™ Brochure


Solos Glass – Resista™ Brochure


Solos Glass – SecurView™ Brochure


Solos Glass – Silencia™ Brochure


Solos Glass – ThermoColour™ Brochure


Solos Glass – TufGlas™ Brochure


Solos Glass – Valleta™ Brochure


Product Warranties

Solos Glass – ColourSmart™ Designer Glass

ColorSmart™ Warranty

Solos Glass – ThermoColour™ Designer Glass

ThermoColour™ Warranty

Coated Glass Warranty

IGU Warranty

Heat Treated Glass Warranty

Laminated Glass Warranty

Custom Laminated Warranty

Glass Cleaning & Handling

SOLOS Glass Cleaning Handling Storage

Cutting Edge Newsletter

Cutting Edge January 2020 Edition

Cutting Edge April 2020 Edition

Cutting Edge July 2020 Edition

Learning Resources

SOLOS Glass ProtectaGuard™ Simulated Attack

SOLOS Glass OptEseal™

How Float Glass is Made

How OptEma™ Low E Glass is Coated


SOLOS Glass Corporate Profile

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